Botox™ Cosmetic

Crows feet and frown lines - GONE!

Botox® Cosmetic

BOTOX™ Cosmetic relaxes the muscles that form wrinkles and furrows that result from repeated facial expressions, thus softening their appearance. Dr. Nichols will evaluate your facial structure and appearance during animation and while relaxed. She will then be able to not only diminish visible wrinkles, but shape your brows and eyes delivering a more youthful and rested appearance.


*Individual results may vary.

Specific claims or the estimate of permanence length of results vary for each patient and therefore are not guaranteed. Each treatment plan is designed to suit an individual patient’s needs, so depending on the many variables involved, including the condition of the skin, each patient may see different results.

Please call for an individual patient assessment to review your specific treatment plan and see the results that can be achieved for you.